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Cyberbullying: New Jersey Gets Tough!
“We’re Aware and We Care”

This Digital Citizenship project allowed the fifth grade students at Dionne Warwick Institute the opportunity to engage in an issue that is relevant to their lives both in and outside the classroom.  This project brought the subject of bullying and cyber-bullying out into the open to be discussed, questioned, and researched.  It brought understanding and commitment to take a stand and make a difference.  It empowered every student including those who were bullied in the past.  It gave all students a sense of security and comfort, knowing they can and should report abuse and stand up for each other.

When projects give students opportunities to problem solve in a collaborative environment on issues that matter to them and give them a forum to express their views publicly, the world opens up to them as they develop authentic, real world skills needed to succeed as a global citizen of the 21st century.

Note: On January 1, 2010, the New Jersey State House and Senate passed  A3466 and The "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act" was signed into law.  

    Anti - Bullying Projects 

Leave Me Alone

Year Long Anti-Bullying Project

History Projects       

La Amistad:  Analyzing History Through The Camera’s Lens

This is a digital literacy project that allowed fifth grade students the opportunity to use media to learn about their history.  The students at Dionne Warwick Institute learned about the Amistad, not only through the traditional route of reading and writing but through viewing the movie, analyzing it collaboratively, researching more then creating and publishing student generated content including questions, lessons learned, opinions and  implications in both a vodcast for viewing and in a Wiki for continuing the conversation both in and outside the classroom.   

By engaging in this project the students made a real world connection that allowed them to see how their history has affected them through today and beyond.
Projects such as this give students the problem solving, collaboration, research, reading, writing, public speaking, presentation, information and digital literacy skills needed to achieve now and in the future as they enter the workforce of the 21st century.